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Brendan is a registered physical therapist, qualified in the institute of physical therapy college cork which specialises in physical therapy, spinal assessment, mobilisation and manipulation. He has trained in Ireland and the UK in trigger point dry needling. He is also qualified in remedial and sports massage therapy.

He has worked extensively with athletes and teams at all levels, from club to county level. He was a member of the Irish Paralympic medical team for 4 years and during the Beijing Paralympics.

He also worked as physio with explorer Pat Falvey and his team during their South Pole Exhibition.

Brendan is qualified in the most up to date physical therapy including Intramuscular Superficial & Deep Dry Needling, Remedial Massage Therapy, Spinal Mobilisation/Manipulation and Shockwave Therapy.

Brendan has a keen interest in sport and was a Munster boxing champion and competed at national senior level. He is married to Avril who is a fitness dance instructor and they have two boys.