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Electrotherapy and Ultrasound

What is electroythrerapy?

Electrotherapy is known to treat pain due to post-operative incisions, fractures, arthritic inflammation or tendinitis, muscle loss or weakness and depression. The main therapeutic purposes of electrotherapy include pain relief, physiochemical stimulation and muscle contraction stimulation.

How it works

To manage acute and chronic pain, the electrotherapy uses electric signals to interfere with the transmission of neural pain signals into the brain. It effectively slows down neural signal transmission to lessen the pain and make it more bearable for the patient. In some cases, the treatment may use analgesics and inflammatory medications on the managed area.

To stimulate physiochemical changes, electrotherapy uses electric signals to introduce heat into the deep tissues. This deep heating procedure increases blood flow to and from the affected region to improve drainage. To stimulate muscle contraction during rehabilitation, it draws a specific amount of current into the problematic area to relieve muscle spasms, re-educate the muscles after trauma and prevent muscle atrophy.

Electrotherapy has several advantages that make it an accepted technique in the medical industry. For example, electrotherapy is extremely beneficial to muscle growth, joint mobility, and muscle spasms. Electrotherapy can also reduce or prevent pain in virtually any part of the body, as it temporarily neutralises nerve endings and even “resets” specific bodily functions that tell the brain there is a problem

What is ultrasound

Ultrasound therapy is used to treat various muscle and tissue injuries by stimulating the affected parts of the body using ultrasonic waves. Where ultrasound has been used in the past in mostly diagnostic imaging applications, developments over the past decade have found uses for ultrasound therapy at much higher intensities for therapeutic applications, including:

  • Pain Reduction
  • Cell Repair and Healing for Musculoskeletal Injuries

Utilizing ultrasound waves through muscle, nerve and connective tissue has been well documented as effective in reducing pain, muscle spasms and joint contractures. There are several items that affect the penetration of ultrasound on the target tissues.

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