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Post Operative & Injury Rehabilitation

After surgery, you need attentive, effective physical therapy to relieve pain and reduce recovery time. At Achilles Injury Clinic, we treat patients before and after orthopedic surgeries such as hip and knee joint replacement, arthroscopy or repair of broken bones. The purpose of pre- and post-operative rehabilitation is to provide a rapid recovery utilising the best possible treatment programs. Exercising as soon as possible ensures joint mobility and enhances strengthening. Postoperative care should begin as soon as you return home.

Types of care we offer include:

  • Range of motion exercises to keep joints mobile
  • Remedial massage
  • Dry- needling
  • High Intensity Lazer
  • Strengthening & Home Exercise Programs

At Achilles Injury Clinic, our goal is to help you recover as much of your preoperative capabilities as possible. We tailor recovery programs to fit each patient’s unique abilities and needs.

In hospital you’ll be provided with exercises to minimise complications such as chest infection or DVT’s. You may even be prescribed some early strengthening or range of motion exercises. Once you are discharged, you’ll commonly require re-assessment and checking of your progress.

Post-orthopedic surgery, you’ll almost certainly require exercise progression to fully regain your strength, flexibility and function.

Common Surgeries Requiring Post-Operative Care

Shoulder Reconstruction, Shoulder Stabilisation, Rotator Cuff Repair, Acromioplasty, Manipulation, Capsulotomy, Fracture

Tennis Elbow Release, Golfers Elbow Release, Fracture

Wrist & hand
Carpal Tunnel Release, Fracture, Tendon Repairs

Hip Replacements/Resurfacing, Hip labral repairs, Hip Arthroscope, Fracture

Knee Replacements, ACL and Ligament Reconstruction, Arthroscope, Meniscal Repairs, Patella Tendon Transfer, Fracture

Achilles Tendon Repairs

Ankle & foot
Ankle Reconstruction, Ligment Repairs, Arthroscope, Fracture, Spur Removal, Bunionectomy

Spine (neck & back)
Discectomy, Micro-discectomy, Laminectomy, Spinal Fusion/Stabilisation

At Achilles Injury Clinic we’ll work with you to develop a tailor made rehabilitation program to ensure you make the best possible recovery in the quickest time. Whatever your needs, we’ll get you back to your work, sport or day to day activities ASAP.

If you have been a surgical patient, it is not necessary to obtain a referral from your specialist to return to post-operative physical therapy. Receiving treatment is especially important if you believe you are not making satisfactory progress in your recovery, or if your mobility is compromised.

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